The Kindle – all hype and no substance

The big story of the week has to be Amazon’s move into consumer electronics, specifically the launch of their e-book reader the ‘Kindle’. For some reason the Kindle has grabbed the headlines, but not necessarily for the best of reasons.  It’s fair to say most opinion leans towards mocking the device. Critics site the obvious flaws; […]

What podcasts I’m listening to

In a week of pretty much zero tech news, I thought I’d take a look at podcasts I’m listening to and watching. So, in alphabetical order: Apple Phone Show Ask a Ninja Buzz out Loud – CNET CommandN h.264 Cranky Geeks Daily Breakfast Farming Today (I know – but it has sentimental value) Fr. Geek’s […]

Singing the Asus Eee Pc praises

 Well it certainly feels like the blogosphere has fallen head over heels for the Asus Eee PC. There was an interesting discussion last week on Leo Laporte’s TWIT podcast about the new Linux based UMPC. Overall there was genuine excitment about the potential of the laptop. At £229 it is really a steel. From my perspective – it certainly […]

Apple iPhone is not the only fruit.

Phew. I made it through the first 12 hours of the Apple reality distortion field. The frenzy and buzz that surrounds the launch of the iPhone is still in full force. But I have decided I won’t get one and here are my five reasons why. 1. I’m still in contract with Three for five months. […]