The Nokia N810 Internet Tablet – the iPhone killer

Now everyone knows I am an Apple fanboy. I admit it. However, I must confess that the iPhone falls far too short for my requirements. The cost, lack of 3G and the endless struggle for third party apps means it fails to scratch my itch.  Perhaps most significantly the lack of IM and VOIP makes it a  non starter for me.

Nokia N810 Now,  I did consider the Nokia E90 communicator as the holy grail. An all in one device that pretty much covers all the requirements. However, it has limitations. A screen that, whilst big, falls short when trying to render the latest 2.0 sites, along with other sites.

Well it looks like my wait is over. Nokia have released the latest in their line up of Linux based Internet tablets. The N810 covers all my requirements (bar mobile telephony). Quite simply, the spec is awesome. Go check it out here . I want one.