Leopard – awesome

I have been running OS X 10.5, better known as Leopard for about two hours now. My first impression – awesome. I opted for an upgrade install rather than a clean install or install/archive.  My first impression is that this os X rocks. The installation was painless, took around one hour. Once installed, Spotlight took a […]

Leopard coming to a Mac near you soon

So the hot news from Apple is that OS X 10.5 is due for release on Friday 26 October. It promises to be a significant OS with over 300 new features. Perhaps some of the most noteworthy include ‘Time Machine’  an innovative approach to  back up for the typical user. Other call features include a […]

Ubuntu 7.10 aka Gutsy Gibbon

So the guys at Ubuntu have released 7.10 earlier this week. From all accounts it seems like a pretty awesome update. The FT give it a glowing review. Perhaps a sign of just how far Linux has come these last few years…..Now I just need a laptop to run it on 🙂